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Nutraceuticals & Pharmaceuticals

Switzerland is the cradle of pharmaceutical industry and has a long tradition of treating patients with natural elements.

Nutraphar is one of the key actors in this sector and proposes innovating solutions in different galenical forms which offer to the patient a safe comfort and to the practician a practical observance of their treatment.

Our portfolio contains twenty different formulations for 3 main pharmaceutical markets:

  • Genecology
  • Gastro-enterology
  • Paediatrics

We also have some “wellness” and “wide range” products”.

We are trusted by world's leading companies

Nutraphar is export orientated and our main markets are in West French speaking African countries. We own 2 logistical bases located in Senegal and Ivory Coast. Our promotional team is present in 7 countries.


2 lostical bases
In Senegal & Ivory Coast


in 7 countries

Contact us via office@nutraphar.ch